Boston Naturals/Curly Hair Event and Product Swap Party Hosted by @actually_ashly! #ProductJunkiesUnite #BostonProductJunkies

This weekend, I attended a product swap party curly hair event hosted by @actually_ashly! It was so well organized and fun! We got to:


meet other Boston Naturals...

...swap products....


...share curl tips...


...get hair advice from Sharita from @theloftmedford...

 ...take home some awesome goody bags...

 ...and of course talk to and meet Ashly!

After the event, I realized I’d never been around so many people with naturally curly hair before in my life. Growing up in Hong Kong, and even at my international school, there just isn’t many (or hardly any if I’m honest, maybe like 3, and one of them is my sister) of us around. That’s why I started my Instagram and this website: suddenly there was a whole community I didn’t even know existed, spreading not only knowledge about natural beauty, but also self-love, confidence and acceptance. There’s something about being in the presence of people with likeminded interests and who look like you that is indescribable. I never noticed it before, because I wasn’t aware of what I was missing, plus I always had straight hair (it still didn’t look like everyone else’s hair, but it was close enough). There’s power and confidence in representation, and as I was talking about with new curlfriend @luliiscurls, it’s so much MORE than just hair! I'm excited to take advantage of being in Boston to attend more awesome events in 2018! 


Have you ever attended a natural hair event? Would you like to? Let's share in the comments!



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