Crochet Box Braids!

This weekend, I got my very first protective style installed! I had a super fun weekend at my sister's house, and she put crochet box braids in for me! 


She used the "single-braid method" to crochet the hair into mine. First, she braided my own hair into around 50+ single braids. Then, she used a crochet needle to crochet the ModelModel Long Large Box Braids #2 into my hair. After attaching the braid to my hair, she weaved my natural hair into the braid. We left my edges and baby hair out to protect them. Finally, she used a lighter to burn the ends of the braids to seal the hair. It look a long time; I'm so grateful for her patience.


Work in progress!


Protective styles are great for the winter time because they protect your natural hair from the cold and the elements, and prevent you from over-manipulating and touching it too much, allowing you to see more growth. I didn't know this previously, but you can wash your hair with braids in, which allows you to keep them in for longer! I hope to keep these in for around one month, if hopefully everything goes well. It is a strange feeling to get used to, because the hair is heavy and it's so long! However, I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'll be posting updates and my maintanance routine!


Have you ever had a protective style? What kind? Let us know in the comments!

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